Resource Converting LLC (RCI) has developed a patented Pulverizing Air Drying Technology called the Dryclone. The Dryclone Technology is a non-thermal drying system for wet semi-solid biomasses. The RCI Dryclone System is the only drying system of its kind and is changing the way municipalities and corporations are drying municipal and agricultural feedstocks worldwide.

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Resource Converting licenses and manufactures the only technology that can dry up to 15 tons per hour without the addition of thermal heat.

  • Pulverization is done in a frictionless environment
  • Drying is accomplished non-thermally
The Dryclone Technology is less expensive to operate than hammer mills and gas operated dryers.

  • No moving parts means less maintenance costs
  • No added thermal heat which means less operating costs
The Patented Technology is disruptive and will change multiple industries.

  • More efficient processing systems
  • Completely change all industries in which we operate